Driving Offences and Exceptional Hardship

MVLLP’s solicitors are very experienced in defending clients for all types of driving offences.

We are specialists in providing first-class, good-value legal advice and representation to those accused or found guilty of road traffic offences.

Can I really mount a defence against a motoring charge?

Many people don’t realise that if they receive a penalty notice or are accused of a driving offence, they can plead not guilty or appeal. The police may have followed incorrect procedures when dealing with you at the roadside or in the police station, for example, and a defence can be mounted on such grounds.

Or special reasons, also known as mitigating circumstances, might be provided to reduce, or have withdrawn, a penalty that has been imposed by a court.

Whatever the circumstances, we take a close look at your case and will advise you if such an approach is the right one to take.

Exceptional hardship defence

If you’re facing disqualification from driving, under exceptional circumstances it may be possible to plead that any ban would cause ‘exceptional hardship’ to you or someone else.

This might be if you have a partner or family member who relies on you for mobility due to health or mobility issues, or if there would be an impact on employees if you were a business owner.

The MVLLP driving offences team’s approach

At MVLLP, key to our diligent and sympathetic approach is our understanding that your driving licence is in all likelihood an essential part of your life and that receiving penalty points or a full ban could have a serious implications for you.

Our driving offence solicitors are renowned for the quality of their defence work and always aim for an acquittal or at least having a sentence, or penalty, minimised.

Highly competitive fees

We have a reputation for providing high quality, effective driving offences advice and representation at highly competitive prices.

Language assistance

In addition, if you require language assistance members of our team speak the main Indian languages of Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu.

Contacting our experienced, friendly team

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