Criminal Defence

Finding the best possible solicitor is the first thing you should do after being arrested or accused of a crime.

No matter what you have been accused of, we have the expertise to ensure you’re provided with the highest-quality legal representation available, at very competitive prices.

MVLLP’s solicitors are criminal defence specialists

MVLLP’s criminal defence solicitors are accredited by The Law Society as being specialists in their field.

Members of our team have been involved in a number of high-profile, international and national cases widely reported in the media.

You can be assured that the solicitor assigned to you has great experience across the full breadth of criminal law; from minor offences to those of a more serious nature, such as theft, drug offences, assault and rape.

At MVLLP, we can provide the expert legal advice and representation you need to make sure the best possible outcome is achieved.

Our approach to representing and advising you

Our criminal defence solicitors are renowned for combining their recognised, specialist knowledge with hard work and dedication.

They will become fully immersed in the legalities of your case and guide you through every aspect, keeping you fully alert to each development and what it might mean for you, advising and guiding you on strategy and the choices you may need to make.

Highly-competitive fees

As well as our reputation for providing high-quality, effective criminal defence advice and representation, we’re renowned for doing so at highly-competitive prices. Call or email us on the contact details given below and we can take you through our charges.

Language assistance and legal aid

If you require language assistance, members of our team speak the main Indian languages of Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu.

We also offer legal aid to those who are eligible, and a free 24-hour police station advisory service.

Get in touch now

Finding the right solicitor is crucial if you’ve been accused of a crime, so don’t put your future and freedom at risk. Call us now on 020 8597 5097 or email Bill Matwala,, or Waqqas Malik,, for a discreet discussion about your individual circumstances and requirements.