Debt Recover

Michael Sawali’s hourly rate is £250.00 per hour plus vat.

Other Solicitors dealing with the matter will charge £180-£250.00 per hour plus vat.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant rates will be £110.00 per hour plus vat

In addition to legal costs, disbursements (expenses) will also need to be paid. Usually, these will be Counsel’s fees, Court fees and in some cases experts fees. Court fees payable can be found in the attached link

For small claims (debts up to £10,000.00) our range of costs will be between £2,000.00 – £5,000.00 plus vat. This will include charges for obtaining instructions to the pre action correspondence to preparing Claim Form, to dealing with directions questionnaire and small claims mediation, to preparing witness statements and proceeding to small claims hearing.

Debt claims from £10,000.00 to £25,000.00 will be placed in the fast track list. Fast Track is usually used where there are more complicated issues to be decided. Fast track trials will generally take no more than one day. Our range of costs will be between £5,000.00 – £10,000.00 plus vat and disbursements.

For debt matters over £25,000.00, these will be placed in the multi-track list. Multi Track and enables the Court to decide how to deal with cases in the most suitable way according to the needs of that case. Our range of costs will be between £15,000.00 – £30,000.00 plus vat and disbursements.

The key stages to Court procedures are as follows:-

Pre action stages where instructions and evidence is obtained from the client and typically a letter before claim will be written giving the debtor an opportunity to pay say within 14 to 21 days. If a payment is not received in this time period, then a Claim Form will be prepared.

Once the Claim Form is prepared, the Court will issue and serve upon the Debtor.

The Debtor will have 14 days within which to acknowledge and 14 days thereafter to file Defence/Counterclaim.

In a Small Claims matter, upon receipt of Defence, the matter will be case managed with directions, typically a direction for mediation through the Court service. If mediation fails, the matter will be listed for Trial. Typically, a Small Claims Trial will be heard within 9 – 12 months from the issue of Claim Form.

In Fast Track and Multi Track cases, following receipt of a Defence/Counterclaim, the matter will be listed for Costs and Case Management Conference when the Court will case manage and provide directions. Directions will typically include disclosure of documents, witness statements and provision of any expert that may be required. Thereafter the matter will be listed for Trial. Typically, Fast Track matters will usually be dealt with within 1 year, Multi Track matters can take up to 1 to 2 years