Domestic violence injunctions

Suffering from domestic abuse and violence within a relationship, or from other family members, is sadly all too common.

But MVLLP’s highly-experienced solicitors can help stop domestic violence from happening and put the necessary legal protection in place to keep you safe.

What is considered to be ‘domestic violence’?

Domestic violence is any threatening behaviour, abuse, sexual abuse or violence that occurs between adults who are, or have been, in a relationship, or between family members, irrespective of gender or sexuality.

The violence can take the form of any behaviour which is meant to frighten or hurt. It can range from verbal abuse and harassment, such as pestering phone calls, to physical violence, including assault and battery, and sexual abuse.

Whatever the form of the abuse, it usually forms part of a pattern of behaviour which is abusive and controlling in which the abuser seeks to assert power over their victim.

What are Domestic Violence Injunctions?

Domestic Violence Injunctions are civil court orders which can be used to stop abuse from occurring and keep you safe from further harm. They are also known as ‘Non-Molestation Orders’ or ‘Restraint Orders’.

Applications for the injunctions are made to a court, and in urgent cases domestic violence solicitors can make the applications quickly without the other party knowing.

MVLLP’s approach to domestic violence cases

At MVLLP we recognise there can be a need for urgency in situations where a domestic violence injunction is required and will act with the utmost haste when necessary.

Our solicitors are highly experienced in all types of domestic violence cases and are renowned for their knowledge and diligence, as well as a sympathetic and understanding approach.

You will be treated with the utmost respect, and the highest level of urgency will be given to your case.

Quality legal advice and help at an affordable cost

You will find our fees very competitive and good value; we always take into account your individual circumstances when meeting your legal needs.

We also offer legal aid to those eligible, for example if you’re on a low income or in receipt of state benefits, where the case falls under family law.

Language assistance

In addition, if you require language assistance members of our team speak the main Indian languages of Punjabi, Hindu and Urdu.

Contacting our experienced, friendly team

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