Immigration and Visas

Immigration law is fast moving and constantly subject to change. At MVLLP we understand the need to provide you with the highest-quality legal advice on immigration and visa issues, often as a matter of urgency.

We offer expert, good-value advice covering all aspects of UK visa permits and immigration.

MVLLP’s solicitors are highly experienced with personal immigration issues related to family relationships, including fiancés, spouses, children and elderly relatives as well as immigration cases and applications based on ancestry.

We also offer a high level of experience and knowledge to help with UK business visitor visas, student visas, investor and entrepreneur visas and other points-based visas.

We’re on your side

At MVLLP we believe that individuals and their relatives who have legitimate reasons for wanting to enter and remain in the UK should be allowed to do so, and the solicitor we assign to your case will be passionate about achieving the best possible outcome.

We fully recognise how crucial the immigration and visa application process is, and your solicitor will apply the highest level of professionalism and understanding when working with you to achieve your goals.

Highly-competitive fees

Immigration is a fast-moving area of law, subject to constant change. Our firm will ensure you have consistent, high-quality immigration advice from a dedicated legal advisor throughout your case.

If you do choose MVLLP for your immigration and visa needs, we think you’ll find our charges affordable and highly competitive. Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote.

Language assistance

We recognise that many individuals from the Indian sub-continent, and those with relatives there, may require language assistance.

To assist you, the MVLLP solicitors on the immigration and visa team are fluent in the main Indian languages of Hindu, Punjabi and Urdu, ensuring everyone involved in the process fully understands what’s going on.

Get in touch for an informal, friendly discussion

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